The Physical Theatre Forum is composed of the following three organisational units.

The Dual Angels Theatre Company

The Dual Angels Theatre Company (Soutsui-tenshi) is a small-scale theatre company with a mission of pioneering the potentials of physical theatres in Japan, primarily based upon Lecoq's techniques and methodology. It was formally established in 2003 (with a preliminary piloting periods of five years), and has worked on various possibilities of physical expression including mimes, clowning, masks, puppetry and stage combat. Although existing texts are sometimes used, the performance pieces are usually developed out of the process of "devising" in our own Physical Theatre Workshops.

2. Physical Theatre Workshops
Physical Theatre Workshops are held in Tokyo on occasional bases as venues for learning about various techniques of western style physical theatres. We are planning to hold practical workshops upon the following attractive themes, hopefully inviting experts from foreign countries.

  Introduction to the Lecoq System
Stage Combat
Practical Clowning
Theatre of the Oppressed
Theatre in Education
Improvisation through Keith Johnston's rules, ...and more.

Workshops are open for anyone interested in physical theatres. And, depending on the contents of a workshop, there is a good chance of developing a piece out of it to be performed on a stage of the Dual Angels Theatre Company.

Also, the Workshop aims to function as a communication hub for professionals from various fields beyond the area of performing arts. We investigate the possibility of applying the techniques of physical theatres to more practical requirement, say, under due advices of experts, as an educational tool at schools / vocational trainings or as a medical tool for psycho-therapy.

3. The Physical Theatre Laboratory
The third pillar of the Forum is the Physical Theatre Laboratory, to conduct an extensive research and development of various expressive techniques, based on our own survey as well as on a voice-feedback from the audience of the Dual Angels.

The Laboratory also aims to pioneer a totally new realm of physical expression through comparative analyses of performing arts from every part of the world and every time of the history. Needless to say, Japan has a world-known tradition in puppetry and mask theatres, and even from those forgotten arts of traditional secular entertainments, some techniques may be re-discovered to be newly applied to the contemporary context. Never to copy them, but we "revitalise" these obsolete techniques in contemporary theatres, with contemporary texts, towards contemporary audience. We believe that the Lecoq system is a powerful vehicle for this end, and that its efficacy is not bound to cultural or geographical backgrounds. The Physical Theatre Laboratory will continue to investigate the possibility of the physical theatre as a common language that bridges between the World and Japan, the past and now.